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Two Truths and a Lie

Happy April Fool's day! To celebrate, Chapter 36 of E's and I'll tell two truths and one lie about the chapter.  See if you guess correctly.  There is no reward besides a pat on the back for yourself and maybe an e-cookie.

1.  Asuka pulls on Yuuki's Hair
2.  Yuuki shaves his head and becomes a monk
3.  Kai shoots at a suitcase.

The answer will be revealed when you read the chapter!

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?9rjax2oxp4rl9h8
4Shared: http://www.4shared.com/file/Eo77EkCF/Es_v07_c036QQ.html

P.S. That Ryuho (from sCRYed) face always puts a smile on my face.

Prepare Yourself

Tomorrow is April Fool's.  That being said, I WILL have chapter 36 uploaded for you all in the late afternoon tomorrow (most likely 4pm EST at the earliest).  Chapter 36 is 100% translated v1.00, 100% cleaned, 66% translated v2.00 (tweaking awkward sentences into more fluent English and making sure the translation flows throughout the chapter), 66% typesetted, 0% quality checked as of right now.  By the end of today It should be 100% translated v2.00 and typesetted.  Quality check will most likely be done in the early afternoon of tomorrow, unless my QCer can do it tonight after the raid is finished...

Maybe I can finally use that one userpic icon that I didn't think I'll ever use for tomorrow...

Sorry for the long wait, E's readers.


Just wanted to share

I usually don't share what goes on with my personal life, but this was just so lulz worthy, I had to post this.

Not an update for E's, just something I wanted to share one of the stupidest "arguments" (if you can even call it that) that I had with someone in Final Fantasy Legacy's (FF4 MMO fangame) world chat.

The basis of this conversation is someone asking me what my highest level Cure spell is. I (Gorb) replied that I have Cure4 and implied that at my level (40; 110 max MP as a Paladin) that it wasn't efficient to use. Then this other guy, DarkThePhantom, on one of his characters, Rick Astley, starts harrassing (Well, I consider it harrassment) me. My thoughts on this conversation are in italics.

Gorb: It's not like i'm taking THAT much damage to warrant a cure4. <--I was only taking 300 at MOST every once a while, otherwise it's like 40 damage.  My max HP is 1500ish.  Fighting Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy. Cure4 costs 50 MP.
Rick Astley: Stop using "warrant" just say "I haven't taken enough damage to need cure 4." <--I only used it once
Gorb: Why? need is too plain =)  <---Here I'm just being silly, hence the =).  but yeah, "justify" definition fits more than "necessary" 'cause I find Cure1 (costs 3 MP), healing 400-500 on a single target, enough.
Rick Astley: Because trying to make yourself sound smarter on purpose makes you look even more idiotic.
Rick Astley: Keep things elegant and people won't think you're stupid. Or Cocky. <--I wonder just what would be elegant?  I'm sure he means "keep it simple."
Gorb: So having a large vocabulary is a bad thing?
Rick Astley: Only when you try too hard. 
Gorb: And since when did i even sound cocky? geeze
King Edward: If you can't spell it right
King Edward: It also makes you look stupid  <--Lrn2read plz, kthx. Unless he's talking about "geeze," is it officially spelled jeez?  Just looked it up, yes, it's spelled jeez. Well, now I know.
Rick Astley: If you had said "to warrant the use of cure4" then I probably wouldn't have said anything, actually. 
            ^okay, so my grammar needs a little work. It has always been my weak point in essay writing.
Rick Astley: But you tried to make it simple and throw in a complicated word at the same time. 
            ^warrant is that complicated? Read more books at your grade level please... Reading level of some students are much lower than their grade level, especially in public schools.  I know my reading level is not at graduate/professor level and more at 12th grade level, but I do learn new vocabulary from reading at my grade level.  However, I know I'll have a hard time fitting them into my conversations.
Gorb: God, so i can't type how i speak sometimes? so picky
Gorb: I wasn't trying to sound arrogant and I did spell warrant correct.  <--my bad, should be correctly. But, I was pissed off due to this unwarranted (oh snaps...) harassment.
Gorb: Unless it's warrent.  <--I tend to screw up words that I think end with 'ant' when it should be 'ent'.'
Rick Astley: I can tell you, unless you're some kind of scientist, english professor, or a police officer you don't use "warrant" in every day conversation.
Gorb: I do happen to have a BS and MEd
Rick Astley: Not that those mean anything. <--obviously doesn't know what a BS (Bachelor of Science) and MEd (Master of Education...in chemistry, though I didn't mention chemistry) is. I just told him I'm one of those people...and it means nothing?  So I can't use it even I'm one of those people you described? What kind of logic is that?  Needs a Phoenix Wright OBJECTION! right there.
Gorb: So I happen to have a larger vocabulary than some other people, so that makes me arrogant when I use it?  Why back in my day...(wohoo age joke) Seriously though, having a large vocabulary or just more knowledge, which made someone scholarly or learned, in the past was a GOOD thing.  Have modern times really fallen so low?
Rick Astley: The way you use it does.

So, was I really being arrogant by using "warrant" in that case? Should I "dumb" down my vocabulary? Or just ignore it and chalk it up to the generation gap (I'm guessing that person hasn't graduated high school)?  Yeah, as a teacher, I'm appalled at the grades 6-12 lack of "general" (What teachers consider as general. Yes, a list of concepts that students should know for their grade level exist for each subject. No, we're not going to tell you students. We need our secrets ;D. )...but my teaching experience is another story.  I think my friend said it best, "XD wow...fools attempting to make smart people look as foolish as them...it's like their taking offense, simply because you have a better vocabulary."  <--should be "they're" but I left it as is, since it's a quote.  What are your thoughts?

P.S. Those looking forward to the next chapter of E's, I'll get cracking on the translation. Expect seeing it in mid to late March since February is too swamped with RL stuff.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and a New Year. Speaking of which, the New Year chapter for E's is released today. Please enjoy the funny chapter 35.

Mediafire: E's_v07_c035[QQ].zip
4Shared: E's_v07_c035[QQ].zip

Last Volume Get!

I received the Taiwan/Chinese version of volume 16, the last volume of E's. After a quick browse without looking at dialogue, some of the final battle segments seem confusing (probably explained in the dialogue I skipped). *Sniffle* I can't believe it's over. Volume 16 is 1.2 times larger than any other volume in the series. Still, why was there a two year gap in the publishing of the book form from volume 15...? To those who are curious, Volume 16 is titled P - Panorama.

As for the progress on Chapter 35, I haven't started the translation but I will get working on it soon.


It's Finally Here!

The chapter everyone has been waiting for...Chapter 34! Wrapping up the story in that cold place! And, yes, the chapter is suppose to end that way, you'll see when Chapter 35 comes out. Without further adieu...

Mediafire: E's_v07_c034[QQ].zip
4Shared: E's_v07_c034[QQ].zip

Hopefully, Chapter 35 will not take so long. It's the New Year's chapter where the characters get a breather.

Short Story

Before we begin volume 7 with the real chapters, we get a short story called "Canon." Aza is bogged down with school and work so cleaning chapter 34 will be slower than usual.

Mediafire: E's_v07_Canon[QQ].zip
4Shared: E's_v07_Canon[QQ].zip

Butt-kicking Continues

Oh hey, since when was E's so cruel to do another 40+ pages chapter back to back? Ah, the random sizes of monthly manga titles. Anyways, more action and lots of yelling! My favorite panel of the entire series is on page 7 of this chapter. All I can say is this: Banzai (long live) Pope Yuuki the 1st! See you next volume as this is the end of volume 6.

Mediafire: E's_v06_c033[QQ].zip
4Shared: E's_v06_c033[QQ].zip

(Edit: Added in Mediafire link)

And Action!

First off, I've decided not to censor the F word in the scans. Mainly cause I thought a) it fits the character's personality or b) the situation calls for it. I will not be censoring any swear words from this point on (not that I had). I think we should all be mature to handle it and this series does seem to be targeted to an older audience.

Second, with school starting, our schedules have changed and our time to translate/clean/typeset will be different. However we'll still try to get the chapter out as early as possible when life doesn't interfere with it.

Finally, enjoy chapter 32. It was a blast to typeset. Next chapter, it's another character's turn to be badass.

Mediafire: E's_v06_c032[QQ].zip
4shared: E's_v06_c032[QQ].zip

P.S. In ToPX, game beaten on hard mode for first playthrough, although Morlia Mines/Gallery was insane the first time going down there that I had to set it to normal. Satsugeki Bukouken is still strange to input to do the full combo. Cless gets 3 hi-ougi/mystic artes. Meikuu Zanshouken is set as circle + square + X when HP is low and the word POWER is flashing. The new one that reminds me of Reid's Hiou Renpuushou (the one that makes him blaze across on the ground after "Phoenix") which is Left/Right + circle + square + X when HP is low and the word POWER is flashing. His last one is Eternal Blade, which is down + circle + square + X when HP is low and the word POWER is flashing. Man, I need to find a better and cheap way to record PSP videos other than my laptop's webcam or cellphone cam...Onto the NDX part!


Sorry for the very late release of chapter 31. Poor Azastria had so much work to do this week. Next chapter is 46 pages and there are spots of gore/extreme violence. If you find that you're squicked out by the second to last page or so in this chapter...there's gonna be like 3 or 4 more pretty violent scenes in chapter 32. Just a warning.

Mediafire: E's_v06_c031[QQ].zip
4shared: E's_v06_c031[QQ].zip

P.S. I'm waiting on Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X to arrive at my doorstep this week XD.